Kevin Seal

Kevin Seal is a very experienced barrister specialising in criminal law with an exclusively defence based practice.    Kevin has a particular specialism in defending clients accused of crimes of violence, sexual offences and drug-related offences.  Kevin is also experienced in defending fraud and money laundering cases.

One of Kevin’s notable cases was R v Dawson  (2007, 4 Archbold News 3), also known as Operation Panama, relating to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.  Kevin was junior counsel in the Court of Appeal stage of this case, which focussed on the issues of entrapment and public interest immunity.

Kevin has also defended in two of the most reported and notorious cases in Welsh legal history. In 2010 Kevin defended one of several police officers who had been charged with perjury/perverting  the course of justice following the original ‘ Lynette White ‘ murder trial. In 2013, he  defended in the case of R –v- Ben Hope,  which involved the defendant and his co-defendant being engaged to carry out a professional ‘hit’ on a rival drugs supplier. The defendants sadly murdered the wrong person. Kevin was not only Junior Counsel in this case, but also represented the defendant on his own in the Court of Appeal (2014). Both of these cases received national publicity.