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Beverly Cripps

  • Criminal Law

Beverly’s practice is split between prosecution and defence. Her experience of prosecuting cases at the highest level has given her an insight in to approaching a defence case which is not widely understood but has proven to be very useful. The converse is also true.

Since 2007 Beverly has been a Grade 4 prosecution Counsel which is awarded on the basis of consideration of work both in prosecution and defence. This grade prosecutes the most serious offences and routinely the work involves prosecuting Queens Counsel. The criteria to be met is described as follows “this grade is reserved for advocates of exceptional experience and ability and should not be regarded as mere career progression”.

In summary, Beverly has been Leading Counsel in 15 murder trials to date as well as junior counsel in many others. In relation to rape and serious sexual offences she has been Leading Counsel in a multi handed child sexual exploitation so called “grooming gang cases” and junior counsel in the notorious follow on Operation Bullfinch case.

Beverly has been Leading Counsel in the prosecution organised crime groups conducting cases which have involved multi handed drugs conspiracies. She has appeared as defence counsel in numerous Courts martial and has been regularly instructed in Appellate work and appeared on a number of occasions as junior in the then Privy Counsel.

Beverly has been instructed as Leading Counsel in the following trials :-

  • R v Hassan and 6 others –child sexual exploitation case.
  • R v Anderson and 2 others –Murder and violent disorder.
  • R v Flatt- Murder /Attempt Murder-fitness to plead.
  • R v Dettmar –Murder/Attempt murder.
  • R v Hussein- Appeal against conviction –armed robbery.
  • R v Heseltine and 3 others – Gang rape.
  • Rv Kieron Brown – Murder.
  • R v Biliniwiez- Murder.
  • R v Wayne Curtis- Murder.
  • R v Marie Gavin- Murder.
  • R v Abdur Chaudhry- Murder- fit to plead.
  • Rv Lee Anstice – Murder.
  • R v Gang Wang –Murder.
  • R v Kacynski and Prystawski- Murder.
  • R v Mark Hannell – Murder.
  • R v Vesa and 10 others – Conspiracy to steal from employers.
  • R v Samad and 9 others – OCG drugs.

 Some notable cases as Junior Counsel and acting as sole advocate:-

  • R v Reswan Islam – Murder Led Junior – gang related.
  • Rv Dogar and 6 others- Operation Bullfinch (3) Child Sexual Exploitation( junior)
  • Rv Aballah- Attempt murder
  • Rv Latif – Attempt Murder
  • R v Amilton Bento –sole advocate then led in appeal against conviction in Murder conviction-issue flawed expert evidence /disclosure.
  • R v Watts and Others-junior- Murder x 3 familial homicide x 7 assisting an offender x 2. Advised from charge to ultimate convictions. RIPA authorisations and PII.
  • R v Hannah Williams – (junior) murder of new born.
  • R v Hannah Quince and 2 others – sole advocate- conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office- police officer passing intelligence to members of organised crime gang.
  • R v Wallace – 15 year old defendant attempt murder and rape of 14 year old – life changing injuries. Life sentence imposed.
  • R v Younis and Lynam (Junior) Murder cell confession.
  • Lead Counsel for Operation Generous – a proactive policy strategy to combat acquisitive crime and drug dealing . Eighty defendants before the Court .Involved deployment undercover officers, witness anonymity applications and related PII matters.
  • R v Smith and Joseph- Attempt murder gang related .
  • R v Weatherman – Murder -gang related
  • R v John Maber – prison officer- rape of daughter from baby to age five.
  • R v Tennyson Obih – Junior- Murder of police officer/Attempt murder x2.
  • R v Rodda – Led junior in Murder and attempt murder of 2 babies by their father in the so called Munchausen by proxy cases .
  • R v Barnes and 10 others – conspiracy to supply cocaine. Secured the only acquittal in the case after the client’s confession had been admitted and his previous convictions which included conspiring with three co-defendants went before the jury.