Private fees

We appreciate that cost is an important issue and we aim to provide clients with a high quality, affordable service. When you instruct one of our barristers we will agree the fee in advance. We’ll do this by giving you an estimate of the likely fee and this will be based on the level of experience of the specific barrister and the complexity and workload of the case. We’ll use the information about the case which you’ve provided to help us to prepare the estimate. We use fixed fees for specific pieces of work so that our clients know what their costs are in advance. We will send you a fee note at the conclusion of a case or at specific points if this will be more helpful to you.

We are happy to look at papers in order to give an accurate assessment of fees if that is appropriate. If we do this, we will confirm that no work will be carried out unless and until fees have been agreed.

We are happy to work with our clients to help them to make the best and most cost-effective use of our services.  Please email David Brinning or call on 02920 786 509/07891 234 544 to discuss how we can work with you.

 Publicly funded cases

All counsel are happy to undertake publicly funded cases.


All fees are subject to VAT, current rate 20%.

Our terms of business

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